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All articles posted by Mercy Montes are Channeled by: Anthony and Erik Medhus – Spirit Messengers

 My goal is to take you on a ‘Spiritual Journey’, into ‘Afterlife communication’.  Joining me along this journey of afterlife enlightenment is my son Anthony, who transitioned to the afterlife in late 2014, and Erik Medhus. Prior to my son’s death, we promised one another that we would not allow his transition/death to end our relationship.  We agreed, we would find a way to continue our communication beyond the veil, and we have. We wrote a channeled book together in 2016, titled; ‘Grief with Ease’.  Anthony was aware his time in the physical body was limited and coming to an end, due to his deteriorating health. He possessed a great fear of death.  Like most humans, he had never in his lifetime considered or even thought of his own personal death!

It was during one of our many channeling sessions Anthony asked me If I would help him, help humanity with their fear of death.  I agreed, of course.  Eventually, one year later, ‘Grief with Ease’ was born!  Anthony’s book is also a self- help book, which he hopes will help guide you through many of today’s issues, such as; Self Confidence, Authentic self, Personal Truth, True Worth, Self Preservation, etc.

The death of someone you love can be one of the most devastating experiences, but only if you allow it to be!  Unfortunately, our culture has lost it’s relationship with the actual concept of death, as death is not the end.  We are ‘ETERNAL”!  Many of us do not comprehend how someone we love can be gone in an instant.  Many do not have an idea of a belief system or an inkling of an afterlife to support us in our grief. 

If you can accept and believe that our loved ones who have crossed over to the other side; are still with us in spirit, and have simply shed their bodies, it can become quite simple to continue your connection. You all have the ability inside to consciously connect and develop a new and close relationship, as my son Anthony and I have!  The best advice I can offer you is to continue a relationship with your loved ones who have crossed over. They are patiently waiting for your communication. They are more than happy to assist you with your Earthly journey, to help guide you along this journey and to help you to achieve a higher degree of Ascension. 

Grief requires the acceptance of change, (a new normal) and the resistance of change only induces pain and suffering.  If you can allow change and elect to be happy, then you will ultimately continue to ‘Grieve with Ease’.  If you instead avoid grief, then you avoid life!  You must understand your grief, and go through your grief, to understand self and continue to evolve and enjoy life.

“Reality Doesn’t happen to you, it is your choice to perceive something in a certain way.  The weight of your grief is your choice. ~ ”Anthony Vallez”

Channeled by: Anthony and Erik Medhus – Spirit Messengers

2 Comments on “Welcome To My Spiritual Blog

    • Thank You. I appreciate your time and the fact that you are enjoying the blog indicates you are a spiritual person who is into ascending and growing spiritually. Try to remember, these are not my words. The blog is completely channeled by my son Anthony Vallez and Erik Medhus (www.channelingerik.com), and most recently, Jesus. I know, at times I am amazed by their words/information. I also published a channeled book titled ‘Grief with Ease’ which is channeled by my son, Anthony Vallez. It is also a self-help book and be downloaded for $3.99. Our book begins by Anthony sharing in detail, what he felt, etc. as he transitioned. I look forward to any comments or questions you may have regarding the channeled blog. Stay Safe…Blessings to you and yours


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