Exodus of Humanity Due to Pandemic

Covid-19 has moved like wildfire! The Pandemic has ripped across the world in a few months, leaving over 465,000 dead, as well as the futures of hundreds of millions of humans in limbo.  You are all dealing with the sudden and collective loss of the world you knew. While this battle continues, the bereaved are often deprived of the important step, especially the inability to engage in traditions that support the grieving process, which in turn can make it that much more difficult to grieve.

Factors associated with the nature of the virus itself, due to ‘Social Distancing’, and lack of closure, can complicate the emotions that humans experience after a loved one transition/dies. The fact that you were not present for the death can add to the sense of illusion.  Under normal circumstances, you turn to others in your lives for support. You may have gathered with friends and family to cry, share happy memories, and offer care and support to one another. Suddenly and without warning, you may be left with many regrets because you could not be there to support your loved one in their final moments. While these feelings are difficult, it is important to remember that this is not a situation you could have controlled.

Soul Contract

There is a meaning and a purpose to all things that occur in this life.

In your lifetime there are times when you have the option of leaving your human body or returning to spirit and going home to your afterlife. What you call death is not an ending to one’s life, but simply a transition from physical form to spirit form. In addition, you all have several exit points throughout your life, although many of you are not aware of when they may occur. An exit point is a Divine plan of a soul to leave the physical world at your own free will. Most souls plan their own ‘Exit Points’. The fact is, prior to your birth on Earth, you and your soul family created a plan for you, a contract of sorts, in planning your evolution.

It may be difficult to comprehend that ‘Suicide’ is, in fact, an exit point! As a matter of fact, the current pandemic has created a great opportunity for those who had exit points upcoming so if some humans felt suicidal before the Pandemic hit humanity, they may have chosen to infect themselves with the virus to take their available exit point.

Therefore, per suicide, If you want to help your loved ones cross over, you must immediately offer forgiveness, compassion as well as empathy. Not just for your loved one who has chosen suicide for their exit point, but also for yourself and your loved ones they left behind. There is no ‘Judgement’ from ‘God’ on whatever choice your soul has made.

Crossing Over

Under normal circumstances, as a human dies, or transition occurs, the silver cord of life becomes severed, the energy of the soul then rises into the flux, leaving the body. The consciousness focal point then shifts to the etheric body.  After releasing the ‘Etheric body, the soul moves to the astral plane.  Consciousness remains on the astral plane for a time, processing, until all desires and feelings accumulated in your life experience have been depleted.  You have individual energetic connections to those you love, as well, to those who are close to you. Due to the recent and sudden massive exodus of deaths, the energy line which connects you to your loved ones is currently dark, rather than filled with energy and light, preventing a clear path to the other side. As thousands of souls were ripped from their families, this darkness represents a huge mass or a heavy existence within those who have recently died suddenly during the Pandemic, due to not being able to finalize their transition.

Oftentimes a spirit will linger due to unfinished business. Humanity must understand why many souls currently remain here, rather than moving towards the light, the bridge between heaven and the 3D realm, in which humanity currently resides.  In this circumstance, due to the pandemic and the sudden ‘Exodus’ of deaths, many souls were ripped from their families, some are in a state of confusion, shocked by their sudden passing, or concern for those they left behind.  These spirits have lingered here on the earthly realm, do not understand or accept that they have died.  Their deep love and concern for their loved one connects them to the earth plane, as they want to remain at that person’s side. These spirits are unable to cross over until they can share a loving goodbye.

Helping Souls to Cross Over to Their Afterlife

You may wonder why a spirit would linger. This is generally due to unfinished business. These spirits are unable to cross over and are temporarily disoriented souls who now require human assistance to cross over. If a loved one or even someone you are connected to has transitioned/ died recently, they may require assistance in order to complete their transition. To proceed in assisting these souls the opportunity to complete their transition to the afterlife…Repeat the following aloud or to yourself…

“I call upon the guides and angels of_______________ and of any spirits here.  Please come forward and help ________________, as well as the other spirits present, find their way.  I call upon my guides and angels.  There is now a door of light, I want you to go towards it.  I ask all guides and angels present, to help you.  Do not fear the light, go towards it. Now see the light, allow your guides to help guide you to move towards the light.  Now look for loved ones, family, and friends who have crossed over before you. They now surround you.  Go with them and follow them for guidance.

God wants you to join the community of spirits who are growing and evolving.  Oh God! please provide guidance to all the spirits who came to hear this message today, as well as all the confused earthbound spirits.  All spirits go into the beautiful white light, filled with so much love.  Have no fear; there is only love, joyfulness, and, forgiveness behind God’s bright beautiful white light. 

All Souls who can hear me, who are lost, confused and feel stuck, and who do not understand where to go, what to do, or if you are in the dark and you wish to escape from the darkness.  Please understand you are no longer in the physical and have shed your earthly body.  You are now in spirit form.  In order to change your circumstance, you will have to complete your transition into the spirit world.  There you will find a community based on love.  They are there to help you, but you must raise your own thoughts above your own personal interest.  You must be willing to forgive others as well yourself.  Your loved ones you have left behind will be okay.  They have angels and guides to help them.  Recognize your mistakes.  Anyone with your ‘Soul Contract’ would have committed the same tasks; good or bad.  There is no ‘Hell’.  God understands you and loves you unconditionally.  If you ever need help just ask God to help you and he will send you help. You’re home!!!

Afterlife Communication

The term afterlife communication describes meaningful contact with a person who has passed on.  Afterlife communication can serve as a source of comfort, consolation, strength, and can also play a large role in reducing the pain of grief.  Afterlife communication is a spiritual experience that takes place when a person is contacted directly and spontaneously by a family member or friend who has died. 

What is the difference between ghosts and those souls who visit loved ones, you may question? Ghosts are in limbo between earth and the spirit world as a result of several possibilities. In this case, sudden death with limited spiritual knowledge may have created resistance to entering the Light. Ghosts can enter the Light anytime they choose but can become confused, fearful of the unknown, afraid, and ignorant about this possibility.

Grief and Sudden Death – The global ‘Pandemic’ has created a new reality marked by grief and loss.

A sudden death brings about particular feelings, specifically shock and disbelief, which are caused by the unexpected and devastating nature of the experience. While you can never feel completely prepared for a death, a sudden death leaves a person feeling particularly vulnerable.  In life, prior to a devasting loss, there is always the sense that tomorrow is another day. That even if you took the wrong path there would always be the chance to set things right.  You may think nothing can compare with the powerlessness and frustration of wanting to go back and do things over or do things “right”.

The sudden shock of losing someone you love without warning so stuns humanity that you cannot comprehend what has transpired. Consequently, you may be unable to grasp the situation and find it difficult to understand the implications of the loss. Accepting the death can be difficult, even if you intellectually recognize that it happened. The death may continue to seem inexplicable for a long period of time. Because you were not prepared for the death you may find yourself looking back at the time leading up to the death and searching for clues that could have indicated what was to come.

The lack of time to bring this important relationship to a positive close may cause much anguish to those of you whose loved ones died without warning. You may have wished that you could have known in order to say and do what you wanted to; you may wish you could have just one more brief moment with your loved one to tell them you loved them, to apologize for ways you feel you may have hurt them, to explain why you treated them the way you did, or let them know what they meant to you.  You may feel a profound loss of security and confidence in the world.  After all, you have been taught a dramatic lesson: Loved ones can be snatched away without warning.  It is however ironic, but positive consequences of sudden death can make you appreciate life more than you ever would have, had you not undergone such a traumatic experience.

If you have lost a loved one from sudden death and did not have an opportunity to say good-bye, an opportunity to complete unfinished business, it is important that you ventilate your feelings. Take time to cry, Do Not be afraid to share your tears with other mourners. Talk openly with family members and friends. Express your anger if you are feeling it. When you say goodbye to your person, be thankful. Be thankful that they were in your life. Be thankful that you got the chance to know them. Be thankful that you got to feel the way you felt about them in your lifetime. CELEBRATE THEM!

The death/Transition of someone you love can be one of the most devastating experiences, but only if you allow it to be.  If you can accept and believe that your loved ones do not die and merely shed their bodies, your grief can then become so simple to continue your connection. You can then develop a new and closer relationship. YOU ARE ‘ETERNAL’.!!!

I am a Messenger ~ Anthony Vallez

   After Every Storm The Sun Will Shine

Please Join Humanity in Sharing Our Admiration & Gratefulness of All Medical Professionals, Especially the Front line Nurses and Doctors!

Dedication to all Nurses, Doctors, Medical Aides, Paramedics

Humanity would like to thank all the ‘Nurses, Doctors, as well as all Frontline Medical Professionals who ran towards the line of danger, as the majority of you retreated into the safety of your homes in the face of this virus.  This was not a battle you signed up for, but it is one for which you’re taking up arms and fighting.  We appreciate your continued selflessness over self-preservation in the war against the invisible enemy that is COVID-19.

Thank you for choosing to serve and care for those that might be afflicted with the virus, who go into battle daily, in the front line trenches, even though the mere act of caring for you may have placed self and your loved ones at risk. During this unprecedented time, marked with angst and anxiety, thank you for being the helpers and heroes the world leans on. It is never easy work, and few will understand why you do it.

Thanks to our wonderful ‘DOCTORS’ and ‘NURSES’, for their support to our hospitals and patients.

We appreciate ‘ALL’ that you do.

Mercy Montes

Thanks Doctors & Nurses


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