Stepping Into 5D Consciousness

I wake at four
Eyes holding tears of fear
Like cups in a tea ceremony
I write at five
To stem the flow
Of inner arising.

I see a bridge
In front of me
Prayer flags taut
Rushing glacier
Flows below
Azure blue
Stretches above
Brother Sun radiant
Sister Moon watching

Step out,
Calls the Beloved,
Across the bridge
Into the deep, the real, the true
And so I step
Drawn by you
Prayer flags taut
Pure white
Love red
Majestic yellow
Verdant green
Infinite blue

Coming Home to Heaven

Do you know
Do you see
I take this step
Because you accompany me
Onto the swinging passage
Across the chasm
Temple beckons on the hill
Here is life, here is love
Open the heart
Purity love majesty aliveness infinity
Speak to me
In prayer flags taut

Yet halfway I pause
I cannot turn back
For the temple bids me cross
But emotions rise
I’m paralyzed
New tears of fear
That love will slow
Interrupt the flow
You do not know
How I want to believe
In prayer flags taut
Pure white
Love red
Majestic yellow
Verdant green
Infinite blue

Will prayer flags carry me
To the temple sanctuary?

I want to believe in Love
Pure pounding regal heart
Growing infinitely
Like prayer flags taut
Can you feel, my Beloved,
The intensity
My great fear
It will burn through me
White heat

Red flush
Yellow glare
Green overgrowth
Blue oblivion
Can I take
The next step
Across the flow below
I do not know
Tears sit
Like cups of tea
Can I keep drinking intensity?

Only if Love remains
Beckoning me
Drink slowly, my dear
Walk gently, don’t fear
Now I see the Beloved
Waiting at prayer flags taut
With extended hand

Can I grasp? Can I step? Can I drink?
Or will intensity burn through
And I fall into the icy flow
Prayer flags limp
Wind, breath, spirit absent
Eyes drown in the icy flow
Salty tears and bitter tea
Wash over me
Temple recedes into memory.

Tears abate
Fears subside
I return to bed for rest
But I dream
Of the Beloved,
Still small voice whispers
I love you
Brother Sun bows,
Sister Moon nods,
And still
Beckoning at the bridge
Prayer flags taut
Carrying sojourners
To the temple sanctuary.

No, please, no
I still believe
Prayer flags taut
Honor my intensity
I try to let go
And trust the flow
Walking slow
For I know
Souls on a razor edge
Believing intensity can carry me
To the temple sanctuary
To drink tea
To bow before Thee
In hope and charity
My prayer to see
Prayer flags still taut
Delivering me
To some destiny


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