The Earth Is Ascending onto 5D

Channeled By: Anthony Vallez & Erik Medhus – Spirit Messenger’s

We stand at the dawn of a miraculous new evolution. 

The Earth is ascending through a monumental shift of consciousness onto 5D.

For Every Cause There is An Effect!!!

On every occasion in World history, there has been an amplification in the electrification of our planet. In today’s world, most of humanity resides in 3D, but there is a call to split onto 5D reality.  Earth itself is ascending, this split is happening right now! 

A 5D level of consciousness is a fifth-dimensional state of consciousness; it’s all about vibration, understanding that there is a connection between every single one of us. This has to do with feeling higher states of emotion, more unconditional love, bliss, joy, and peace. That’s who you really are.

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The third dimension is you forgetting about that.  Within 5D reality, you are going into the dream of separation and then going through a process of awakening so that you can remember who you really are.

The Ascension is a time for you to discover self, what are your passions. When you live in 5d consciousness, you’re more centered in your heart. This is a process. It’s important to understand that you are all multidimensional. You exist at many different levels.  Upon rebirth, you come to earth and go through this veil of forgetfulness, you forget who you are. The key is to then remember who you are, this remembrance is a spiritual awakening and it’s happening at a mass level right now. More and more people are waking up every day.

Ascension is taking the body with self and transmuting self. You are unconditional love, bliss, and higher dimensional. You exist at many different existences at the same time because you are multidimensional. As you break through the limitations of this third-dimensional reality, it is a very freeing feeling. Remember, authentic creation follows authentic expression. The more you become aware of this, the more you can choose. This is something you can do and the more you do that, the easier it will get, the better you will feel and things will begin to align for everyone because as you change, the world changes as well. 5D level of consciousness is when you are more centered in your heart and everyone you encounter is connected to you at a deeper level.

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Humans tend to fear change, as change represents the unknown. You set your lives up with such certainty. You are emotional beings and find it difficult to deviate from being emotional beings. Many are resistant to change which is understandable because the EGO likes predictability, but in a Universe of constant change, change is the only constant.

When it comes to this process of ascension, understand this awakening is about you tapping into your own vibration and understanding who you really are.  Doing these things will help you to raise your vibration more and more and the more you raise your vibration, the more you are in the fifth-dimensional state of consciousness, the less power 3D has over you. You can then begin to focus on self-love and self-healing. You may fluctuate back and forth, but you will end up maintaining more and more fifth-dimensional state of consciousness as you go on. You all have this moment to raise humanity to the next level.  A new path.  I invite you and all humanity to join me…Leave behind all your 3d ways of living, let’s enter the new world together! ~Anthony Vallez

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When the sun rises every day, so will we rise ~Kim Russo – Medium

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