Unleash Your Soul’s True Purpose

Channeled By: Anthony Vallez & Erik Medhus – Spirit Messenger’s

Many humans believe one’s life purpose involves completing a task, which may also be something you do not enjoy. You could not be more wrong. Your soul’s true purpose is not another form of punishment. The lessons you are here to learn, are energizing and assist you with spiritual growth as well as personal evolution.

On this miraculous journey, your life purpose evolves, as you evolve. The rewards are worth the effort, regardless of the price. Nothing can compare with the aliveness you feel when you are connected with your soul’s greatest joys and making a difference in the world.  Once you have identified your soul’s true purpose, as you awaken to your soul’s true purpose, you can create a life which will encompass compassion, joy and so much more.

You may begin this journey of self- discovery by asking yourself the age-old questions “of Who am I?” “Why am I here?” and “Where am I going?” What do I stand for? What do I value? What are my boundaries? These questions among others enable you to define and clarify the standards by which you measure self. Your soul is here for a reason, with a great desire to realize your true purpose.  Without truth, you will have no way of knowing whether you are growing or evolving, contributing, or taking from life. Your truth will become a barometer of how well you are doing in life.

When you begin to understand and accept your soul’s purpose, you become content with your life. When your life purpose is right for you; you feel a sense of flow, you begin to feel you are headed in the right direction. As you tap onto your soul’s purpose, you will begin to feel a sense of harmony, rather than following the path suggested by others.  When you begin your journey onto discovering your life’s purpose, you begin to feel you are now ‘in the flow’. You experience a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm, motivated and intrinsically happy. Therefore, the issues which do not nurture or feed your soul’s purpose must be released, whether they are thoughts, activities, or behaviors.

Many live by the truths of others and wonder why their life is not where it should be. When life delays or sends you on a detour it is for the purpose of awakening self inquiry. If life is not as you wish it to be, step back and question if the truths by which you are living are in fact beneficial or in harmony with your being. Oftentimes when you harbor a truth not of your shaping, life will present you with opportunities to figure it out, thus empowering your life.

Consider thinking about the gifts that bring you the most joy and excitement, the ones that evoke passion within. With your true gifts in mind, ask self what you might want to accomplish to make the world a better place. There may be more than one thing that you are here to experience.

Attaining inner peace is not easy because it requires replacing old, ingrained habits that do not contribute to inner peace. You may have already set about your personal search for the meaning of life and often have misgivings. As you experience these misgivings, misapprehensions, and question marks, you often become dissatisfied.

As you continue your journey, you will eventually arrive towards the conclusion you are worthy of more, this is a form of truth. The exploration of personal truth helps to form the foundation of your life!  The qualities of respect, worth, and inspiration are the truths that you will begin to embody. These truths you have identified will be your guiding light. Your truths help to move you to higher ground because you have anchored them in your daily life and are no longer an abstract concept in your mind. You have anchored a piece of spirit in the details of your life and that is the beginning of truth. You then become the creator of the life you were born to live. This requires a shift in perspective for most humans: remember you are here for a reason!

On a psychological, emotional, and spiritual level, you are a multidimensional being. You determine your sense of purpose prior to each and every re-birth. You decide how you are going to grow through life lessons.  You have a true purpose, just like everyone else. Like everyone else, you also have everything you need to access the light of your soul and do something special with your life.

Oftentimes you may experience lessons that you are to learn but were originally on what you placed on your path.  These are individual lessons, the lessons you have not chosen to learn, in any case, these lessons are placed before you, to learn, that was not necessarily chosen by self. These lessons are on your soul’s path, but you may not be aware that this was something you were going to have to go through. Believe it or not, you sign up for the majority of the difficult lessons you experience but understand, you do not sign up for all.

 Without personal truth, you will have no way of knowing whether you are growing or evolving, contributing, or taking from life. When you know your soul’s purpose, your content with your life. When your life theme is right for you, you feel a sense of flow, as if you are headed in the correct direction. Everything feels right.  Oftentimes you may experience lessons that you are to learn, but not on what you personally placed on your path.  These lessons can be placed on your path due to what other humans, which are within your energy or your aura.  These lessons may have occurred because you are all connected internally, therefore this connection may cause something to happen to you, sort of like a secondary effect.

Then there are ‘Fallout Lessons’.  Fallouts are a part of your soul purpose as well.  You can experience a fallout by simply being at the wrong place at the wrong time, it can happen, and it does happen. You just happen to be there.  Fallouts are actually very positive experiences per your soul’s ascension as you receive additional ascension points for fallouts. Fallouts are also possible when a natural disaster occurs, so basically, a ‘mishap’, as you were not actually supposed to become a part of that disaster.

Have you ever wondered why you have only one mouth and two ears?  This is because you have to speak half of what you are to listen to, but usually, the opposite is true.  You tend to not give any value to your ears.  You keep on talking and talking as if you know everything, so when your mind is closed to what others need to share, there is not a possibility of learning from others.

The Quiet Mind Listens and Evolves

The basic concern to learn and to understand is not to judge others. This sort of inferiority complex exists in some humans. This is due to imposing wrong judgements on self.  Oftentimes, a human begins to think that all other humans are superior. Once these judgements are removed from their thinking pattern, they have already touched basic spirituality and obtaining your soul’s purpose, leads self onto the basic level of spirituality. This includes removal of judgement, stop complaining about others or about self, removing complexes, hence basically becoming free of your own past. It’s important to leave your past behind, which does not serve you, and simply live in the now.

You may also want to address your weak areas. These too are here by design. You all have them. In fact, weak areas can help you to understand the things you are not here to do. ‘Weaknesses’ may also become obstacles on your journey to discover one’s soul purpose. Obstacles you need to overcome to become your personal best. You all have fears; limiting beliefs that are holding you back. If you succumb to them, your greatness may not emerge. If you overcome them, you learn valuable lessons that you can share with others. On discovering your soul purpose, listen to others and to their experiences of life, which in today’s world has become a rare commodity.  When you listen, you take time away from self and give time to listen to another’s problems, the predicaments that they are facing. In the process, you learn important valuable lessons of self.


The energy patterns that constitute your identities are called “Archetypes” which are like symbols, or faces, of your Souls.  All humans hold within numerous psychological archetypes, which determine what you like, how you love, and how you’re uniquely gifted.

What is an archetype in psychology?

Archetypes are patterns of behavior that aid and influence your mental, emotional, and spiritual growth as human beings. You can think of an archetype as quite literally a type of energy. Like everything in life, there are species, genres, breeds, and groups that tend to structure existence.

There are twelve brand archetypes:

The Innocent, Everyman, Hero, Outlaw, Explorer, Creator, Ruler, Magician, Lover, Caregiver, Jester, and Sage

The more you can identify the archetypes in others, you more you can see the patterns of behavior within yourself. Conversely, the more you can witness these behavioral patterns in self, the more understanding you will have for others.  Because archetypes reside in the unconscious, the part of your minds you aren’t aware of, they influence you without you knowing it.  So, when you think of archetypes, think set patterns of behavior shared by all of humanity.

Remember, you are here for a reason!  Your soul purpose is the essence of who you are, over many lifetimes.  Your goal is to be free from judgment, of any kind toward yourself and others.

 As there is ‘True North’, there are directional signs pointing you towards your purpose!!!

In this miraculous journey, your life purpose evolves, as you evolve.

Anthony Vallez & Erik Medhus – Spirit Messenger’s

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