The 2nd Coming of Jesus – The Messiah of Peace

Channeled By: Anthony Vallez, Erik Medhus and Jesus

This generation has a rendezvous with destiny. Presently, the news media is reporting tragic events, explaining their significance in a way that the average man or woman can understand. You need to know that the progression of disturbing news stories is not random. In fact, they foreshadow remarkable key trends and specific events that will change everything you are familiar with in the next few decades!

Why stay in ignorance about the meaning of the events taking place around you? Jesus commands his disciples to watch and to be ready. Watch and pray that you may be counted worthy to escape all these things that will come to pass, and to stand before Jesus. Your entire life is about to change. Events will unfold soon to destroy the Western world’s way of life as you have known it.

You are now approaching that time, and these things are now being revealed. Understand that your degenerate, corrupt nations are headed for a big fall?  Today’s world is full of widespread wars and rumors of wars. There are many ethnic wars taking place. In many places throughout the world, as dozens of regional wars are now being fought around the world!

You need to understand the momentous times in which you live. A new world is in the process of emerging.  Jesus is coming back to this earth, but not right away. Be aware people who go running around mouthing their own ideas and predictions about Jesus returning soon, as they are false prophets.

See that you are not troubled; for all these things must come to pass, but the end is not yet. For nation will rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom. Surreal times are bearing down on you.  We are talking about the most massive, event-by-event intervention by the Creator(God) in the history of this earth. Nothing in the past can even remotely compare to this.

great false religious leader will rise up in your very day! He will deceive not a few hundred people, but hundreds of millions! Yes, prophecy indicates that hundreds of millions of people will be deceived! That is exactly what will occur before the 2nd coming of Jesus.

The despicable political leader will cooperate with a false church system for a time, but he is not attracted to its religious teachings personally, and only wishes to use it to achieve power. He sees himself above it. In his enormous ego, he tries to make a god out of himself.

This powerful individual will dedicate tremendous amounts of international resources to building up his military machine. And he will worship his power and that military machine. He shall deal with the strongest fortresses. Those who approve of him, he shall make more wealthy.

What does the name Prince mean? The name Prince means Royal Son and is of Latin origin.

Humanity needs to realize where all these things are leading, and how they will affect your lives: your life, your family, your children, your job, and your future.  Right now, you are living in an unstable transition time in world history. Momentous changes are afoot.

Amid our channeling session ‘Jesus’ joins the channeled conversation

Jesus begins his conversation by discussing the 1st coming of himself (Jesus).  I immediately understood he had joined our channeled session due to our channeler, Awesome Medium (Cindy Sheldon) suddenly becomes emotional.

Jesus now Speaks: The first time I came was not to preach religion. I was here to teach love, and being loving to all mankind, including animals. Through the years you have gotten away from my teachings. Now, all has become more about religion and less about my teaching of love, kindness, etc.

I, (Jesus) want all of humanity to get back to that.  One of the reasons I prefer to be recognized as the giver of peace is because this was my mission, my path, and most importantly one of the reasons I was here.

Mankind has moved away from this, which is a big part of the ego.  This is one of the main reasons some of the things are happening on the Earth right now, and why all humanity is currently going through it.  I (Jesus) want to bring you all back to my original teachings.

I (Jesus) want all my children to (put out the word) understand that you need to love one another and spread peace. Not to invoke violence and be prejudice against one another.  The color of the skin has nothing to do with the soul.  Once you arrive on the other side, there is no color. There no differentiation, we are all of one, and a part of the one, God.  There is no difference in what your ethnicity in the afterlife.  All God’s children chose their ethnicity when they decide to return (re-birth) back to Earth.  What race they want to be because there are lessons in all races.  Each individual has lessons that go along with it. So, you choose this so you can experience different things.

The time has come, because instead of learning certain things, though the lessons you are supposed to be learning on this Earth, and the reasons you come down in different races (sexual preferences, personalities, etc).  The reasons why you come down to Earth, in that respect, is to learn these lessons and to learn to become more at peace and to love each other and to accept one another for who you are.  We have gone away from that, instead, it has become more of separation rather than a joining.

We (Jesus is referring to God and himself) says we cannot have that anymore.  Man was destroying one another and destroying themselves so this is one of the main reasons you are going through what you are going through now.

Do you not understand that I came down once to sacrifice my life for you?

I loved you so much, I had so much faith in you that I gave my life.  God is not allowing me to die for you, as my 2nd coming approaches.  I could only die for your sins once!  So, this is what you are all going through.  It hurts me to see all of you suffering.  I feel all your hurt and pain that goes through my children, please understand, please love each other, there is no judgment.  Do not judge, you are not even judged by God or myself (Jesus) when you come to Earth.  It is false that we judge.  We do not and never have.  You judge self and that is what judgment is all about.  When you judge others, your judging yourself.  It must stop! My heart breaks, please listen to the word, we want you to succeed (we, meaning God and Jesus) we want you to be happy. 

Earth was supposed to be a paradise and it just turned into something so wrong.  But I have not lost faith in you, because I know deep inside of all of you, there is love, in each and every one of you. 

You must remove your blinders; you must open your eyes and really see.  I would recommend to each and every one of you to read the bible, the new testament, but here it is….please do not read it with judging eyes, don’t read it with judgment.  It is not what it is there for, instead read it to hear the essence of love and of learning, and of healing.

We are all here to heal one another, in so many ways.  It is not just doctors, or medicines, it is a healing of the mind, the spirit, the love, and the soul.  Each and every one of you is capable of the healing of others. Do you hear me…Every one of you are capable of healing other people’s hearts, their souls, all of you, that is what love does, Heal.

Therefore I say to you, remove all the layers of hatred off, take the layers of judgment off, take the layers of prejudice off, see as a new child, see with love before you learned to judge, to hate, or to hurt.  We are coming back to that, mind what I say, one way or another, we are coming back to that.  In starting, please show, and allow me to see so that I can have proof and faith in my love in you so that my father (GOD) can see, that all of humanity is capable of this. 

When I say these things, I mean animals as well, be kind to them, show appreciation to all animals, it’s sort of humorous though, for, in many ways, the animals will teach you how to love.  I am also talking about the Earth as well, the place in which you dwell. 

Remember to do onto others as I do onto you…REMEMBER?  Please listen to my words, I love you all.  I come in peace, I come with love, I come with devotion, I do not judge, any of you!  For I know in your hearts there is love.

Judge not, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven” (Luke 6:37).

Channeled by:

Jesus, Anthony Vallez & Erik Medhus – Afterlife Messengers


Amazing Art of the Messiah by Mya Villafana – Age 10

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