A Starseeds Journey

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Starseeds are beings in the human living form on Earth as they live their mortal lives, their spirits originate from another Universe, Galaxy, Star System, Higher Dimensions, Planets, Dwarf Planets, Plutoids, or Parallel Universes. 

Starseeds can be different and varied depending on which planets or star groups in which they originate.  Starseeds are very advanced old souls who possess deep knowledge which dates back hundreds of thousands of years. 

Art By Mya Villafana

Starseeds began to come to Earth after the Atlantean times

They make up the majority of Starseeds living on Earth now. Their first lives would be concise, allowing them to adjust to the conditions on the Planet and preparing to fulfill their mission in the following lives when they reincarnate to support humanity during the spiritual awakening times.  One of the things that makes Starseeds unique is how many lifetimes they might have lived on Earth. Some have lived on Earth thousands of times!  Many will be significantly more spiritually aware or have access to higher consciousness such as telepathy, channeling, or healing.

New Soul Starseeds include Indigo, Crystal, and Rainbow chil;dren.

It’s often their first incarnation on your Planet, and they usually find living on Earth shocking and hard to fit in.  (Note: Technically speaking, everyone on your Planet has arrived at some point from somewhere). But the difference is that Earthlings have incarnated here hundreds of lifetimes, returning, again and again, to repay karma, learn the new lessons, to increase the amount of light inside themselves.  A Starseeds task is to learn and experience, but mainly to assist with ascension, share their light, knowledge, and spread kindness on your Planet.

These highly evolved souls carry a plethora of wisdom and special abilities that hibernate deep within the core of their being.  All Starseeds are encoded with ‘Activation Encryptions’ that will unlock their knowledge and talents at a pre-determined time on Earth, for the retrieval of this information is to be utilized for very specific purposes. Most Starseeds feel a sense of displacement, a feeling like they were “aliens” dropped here on Earth without a compass.  Starseeds tend to be “space hybrids,” as they carry DNA from the various universes and dimensions they have traveled in their many past incarnations.

At the heart of a Starseeds power is their deep-seated knowledge of connectedness to all beings.

They have learned, through realization, that separateness is simply an illusion, and the impact of planet Earth’s collective actions spans much further than we are aware.  Some of the most well-known Starseeds are Pleiadians, Sirians, Orion, Arcturians, Indigo, Rainbow, Crystal, Andromedans, and Lyrans.

A Starseeds mission is to give back to the Universe for all provided during this and many lifetimes.  To assist humanity in the collective mission of divine healing, all collectively raise consciousness and evolve in their consciousness evolution journey.  Starseeds heard the call to volunteer and come to Earth to help in this crucial period in your history. All Starseeds are encoded with activation encryptions to unlock their knowledge and talents at a pre-determined or spontaneous time on Earth.  The retrieval of this information is to be utilized for very specific purposes.

Starseeds have incarnated souls that are allowed the opportunity to give back and be of service to others during their Earthly life… Remembering their true Nature and learning to hold energetic boundaries allows Starseeds to be a portal of expansion to all they encounter.

A Starseed’s purpose in life is to remember that you are all one and shine their beacon of light to assist all of humanity in recollecting its purpose.  They recognize that they’re an ever-changing, eternal being and part of a great cosmic dance.  Starseeds understand they are connected to the plants and the precious crystals and stones, just as they are connected to the Sun, the stars, the planets, and the Moon. Some Humans who resonate with being a Starseed have significant awakening experiences from a young age, such as; Indigo, Rainbow, and Crystal Children.   

Once awakened, most Starseeds possess memories of some other place without knowing what or where that place is. They long for a position or humans to support them in feeling more ‘at home.’  Because some Starseeds feel so ‘different,’ they often spend part of their lives trying to fit in or being in some form of spiritual  ‘closet.’  However, trying to work self into a box goes against who they are.

Andromedan Starseeds

Andromedan Starseeds are a very loving, beautiful, intelligent star race.  They live in higher dimensions, primarily up to the 12th, and originate from the Andromeda Galaxy.  It is spiral-shaped around 2.5 Million light-years away.  Many Andromedans are artists or freelancers.  They tend to change jobs and home several times during their life as they seek newness

Andromedan Starseeds are freedom seekers and love freedom and may go to great lengths to maintain it.  They cannot stand spending their days in a cubicle, working for somebody else, while being monitored. For that reason, most of them launch their own business or work in areas that are empowering and giving control back to individuals. They struggle with following governmental laws and regulations and despise corruption.

They also feel deeply that no one should have to pay high taxes to live on this Planet.  Of all the Starseeds, they have the most challenging time understanding why we have to pay to live on the Planet on which they were born.  They often engage in activism for social change and against imperialism, classism, and racism.  They love to travel, and some choose a nomadic lifestyle and per their spiritual expansion.

Indigo Starseeds

Indigo Starseeds derive from the Dwarf Planet (and Plutoid) Makemake and are your future leaders; they are strong adults with increasing abilities and a high level of creativity.  Indigo children were born by 2000 when the crystal children started to come on your Planet.  Their role is to help you thrive into the next step of your collective evolution.  The indigo children rode the indigo-ray to incarnate on Earth sometime between the 1970s  through 1990s.

Their indigo name comes from their standard aura color of indigo, which corresponds with their 6th chakra, the third eye. They are not new to Earth as some are former star seeds that had incarnated before but chose this time to come in to bring in new ideas.  If you are an Indigo, you are a Starseed!  Though Indigos have been here before in other centuries, Indigo children are born with indigo-colored auras. Remember, an indigo Starseed can be born into anybody of any color, shape, or size.

The indigos are the creators of the path for the new world. They are generally born with a ‘warrior spirit’ with a collective purpose to try to stop the old systems that no longer serve us.  They are here to re-create the fundamental ideas of government, education, especially the current legal systems that lack integrity.  To accomplish this, they generally have the fiery determination and sometimes a bit of a temper.  Indigos know when they’re being lied to, patronized, or manipulated.  Since their purpose is to usher you into a new world of integrity, the Indigos’ inner lie detectors are crucial.  Many indigos are diagnosed with ADHD as they are pretty sensitive and exist at a higher, more fast-paced level.

Crystal Starseeds

Crystal Starseeds derive from Eris, which is the largest known Dwarf Planet.  It was initially detected in October 2003 but was not identified until 01/2005.  At approximately 10 billion kilometers from the Sun and is roughly three times further out than Pluto.

Crystal Starseeds come in to act in harmony with the world. They are more blissful and even-tempered than the Indigos. They set the example for the masses to see how humanity can work in cooperation with one another.  They follow the cleared path onto a safer and more secure world.  Some are diagnosed with severe Autism.  They operate at a much higher frequency that doesn’t require verbal communication, which in some cases; assume they are autistic savant or autistic and misunderstood. 

Crystal Starseeds are incredibly intuitive and communicate on levels that can only be reached when they align with self.  They are the second wave of humans who have been born with the purpose of changing the world, following Indigo children and coming before Rainbow children.  Unlike Indigo children, who went before the Crystal Starseeds.  This new wave of humanity began in the late-1990s through the first decade of the 2000s.  They are said to have a crystalline or opalescent energy field. 

Crystal children are often born to Indigo parents who can support and protect these rare souls as they go about their mission.  They bring crystal energy with them that corresponds with their crown chakra, the 7th chakra, and have a solid connection to the Divine. You can think of them as a human crystal here to bring in a stable, high vibrational frequency.  You’ll find that their psychic and telepathic abilities are higher than those of the Indigos. They are natural healers and don’t have a lot of material needs.  They are also incredibly intuitive. The Crystal children have laid the foundation for the Rainbow children and are usually have at least one Indigo parent.  Their “special” traits provide them the tools necessary to open hearts and transform the world as we know it.  At the soul of a Crystal Child is a deep need for peace within themselves, their families, and the world as a whole.

Rainbow Starseeds

Rainbow children derived from Lemuria and were born in the 2000s to Crystal parents. Their rainbow energy includes all the colors and their frequencies. Here as natural healers and non-judgemental, they are here to love humanity and restore the balance on the Planet.  They never incarnate into dysfunctional families as they insist on being in happy homes. They have increased psychic abilities and need to rest more often; otherwise, they tend to get anxious about the state of the world. At the same time, Rainbow Starseeds reached a level of Christ Consciousness and are the embodiment of it as they’ve completed some degree of ascension.

The mission of Rainbow Children is to heal and re-balance the distorted energies of humanity and the Planet.  Rainbow Children are a new generation of Starseeds. They are children born after 2000.  Because they find it difficult to relate to human emotions, Rainbow Children are sometimes diagnosed with Autism. Rainbow Children are the only Starseeds that don’t feel lonely and alienated. They are so sweet and charming that everyone can’t help but to love them.

A Rainbow child is a spiritually aware person who strongly connects with the divine creator/god. They are said to have an old soul (most born in the 1970s) with spiritual gifts such as  clairvoyance, clairaudience, or clairsentience. Usually a Rainbow Child will have exceptional talent in fine arts of some sort, such as art, music, dance, etc. They are said to bring peace and love to Earth during the transition of times on Earth. Such a person can also be identified by the unique indigo color found in their auras.

Pleiadian Starseeds

Pleiadian Starseeds come from the Pleiades, an open star cluster dominated by hot blue and luminous stars formed within the last 100 million years, and the ‘Eye of the Bull”, also known as the Seven Sisters.  The cluster is dominated by Hot Blue Luminous stars that have formed within the last 100 million years and formed from a compact configuration that resembled the Orion Nebula   Together with the open star cluster of the Hyades, the Pleiades include the Golden Gate of the Ecliptic.

The Pleiades are a prominent sight in winter in the Northern Hemisphere and are easily visible out to mid-Southern latitudes. Galileo Galilei was the first astronomer to view the Pleiades through a telescope. He thereby discovered that the cluster contains many stars too dim to be seen with the naked eye.

Pleiadians are here to help you in your consciousness evolution journey. The Pleiadian’s mission is to support humanity to understand that you are all ONE.  YOU are all pure consciousness.  They have agreed to assist as guides during this shift. They are helping humans to open their heart chakra and remember who they indeed are; pure LOVE.  Pleiadians also serve as the Earth’s record keepers and have tracked its history for over 600 billion years, making them part of the Old Soul Starseeds category. They exist within a fifth-dimensional frequency, a place where creativity and love were created.

This group of souls is the most human-like; however, the depths of their emotions and spiritual selves are far more evolved than their counterparts. They have been sent to Earth with the divine purpose of expanding the collective consciousness and allowing for its evolution to continue. These Starseeds are some of the most skilled souls.

Pleiadare has a strong desire to make others happy as they embody divine feminine energy. They tend to be magnets for energy vampires because they inherently want to help broken people. Their heart chakra is usually their most vital, and their throat chakra is their weakest as they have a hard time expressing their feelings.  Pleiadian Starseeds are souls that have had a previous incarnation in the Pleiades before incarnating on Earth.

Sirian Starseeds

Sirian Starseeds originate from Sirius, also known as the “Dog Star” due to their prominence in the Canis Major constellation resembling a dog.  Sirius appears very bright because of its proximity to the solar system.  It is one of Earth’s nearest neighbors.  Sirius is also a binary star consisting of Sirius A, and Sirius B.   Sirian Starseeds are spiritual ambassadors bringing truth to people. This star system is associated with wealth, good fortune, and power.  Sirians tend to have a natural affinity to water, mermaids, and dolphins. They have a genuine relationship with Atlantis, Sumeria, and Ancient Egypt. 

Sirian Starseeds are beautiful and benevolent souls who have been around a lot longer than humans. They have visited Earth many times during the Planet’s history and have shared their wisdom in many fields such as math and astronomy. Their contribution has been essential to helping humanity to ascend and shift to the new Earth.  Sirians intent to balance the Planet’s energies by bringing love, harmony, and different forms of healing.   Like most Starseeds, they want to help humans evolve by teaching them how to feel and express unconditional love. 

Sirian Starseeds were metaphysicians in past lives, teaching the knowledge to others.  As a child, they may have been diagnosed with ADHD as they like to daydream because they find the 3D world dull and unexciting. They have a small circle of friends, even though they cannot get them to open up.  They tend to work in creative areas such as arts, music, writing, healers, and mystics. 

Lyrans Starseeds

Lyrans Starseeds derive from Lyra, one of the 48 listed by the 2nd-century astronomer Ptolemy and is one of the modern 88 constellations recognized by the International Astronomical Union. Lyra was often represented on star maps as a Vulture or an Eagle carrying a lyre, and hence is sometimes referred to as Vultur Cadens or Aquila Cadens (“Falling Vulture”  or “Falling Eagle”), and are some of the oldest souls. They played a unique role in the creation of humanity, offering the element of fire to Earth and seeding the first souls to Atlantis and Lemuria. They taught about work ethic and how to make the best use of energy

Sirian Starseeds were metaphysicians in past lives, teaching the knowledge to others.  As a child, they may have been diagnosed with ADHD as they like to daydream because they find the 3D world dull and unexciting. They have a small circle of friends, even though they cannot get them to open up.  They tend to work in creative areas such as arts, music, writing, healers, and mystics. 

Lyran Starseeds tend to be fearless and upfront, embracing their life here as confident people. They are pioneers and trendsetters and maybe a sort of a freedom fighter.  As wisdom keepers, they are drawn to underdogs and wanting to help them win. They’re highly energetic and tend to be leaders. They’re also adventurous by Nature and have a desire to learn from many different experiences.  Lyran Starseeds are said to be the root race of all humanoid races in our galaxy.  Lyrans are here to share their knowledge and help you realize your true Nature.

Lyran Starseeds understand that the level of consciousness on Earth affects every other part of the Universe, as everything is intrinsically connected. The Lyran energy is potent and warm. They are energetic and dynamic, setting the example for others to follow. Lyra’s powerful energy allows them to become great leaders. 

Orions Starseeds

Orion Starseeds derive from the Orion Constellation. Orion is one of the most significant and noticeable constellations in the known Universe and ranks twenty-sixth of the 88 constellations in size.  Orion Starseeds are here to balance your ego with their spirituality. They tend to be unapologetic as they radiate masculine energy.

Orian Starseeds are competitive and tend to be perfectionists. They also want all of the knowledge as they are quick learners to have more knowledge than someone else.  They tend to spend a lot of time figuring out others logically because they excel at logical thinking and understand the mind better than most. Orions struggle with understanding why people are the way they are and get surprised as to why everyone thinks like them or has such a logical and ordered mind.

It is difficult for Orions to “feel” their way through life because they perceive the world via the mind more than the emotions and need to see logical evidence of something before believing in it.  Orion Starseeds are incredibly knowledgeable about a wide area of topics. They are wisdom seekers. They like to learn, for fun, and also to win their conversations and impress others. They love knowing things that others do not.  Knowledge makes them feel confident. They rely on it to steer conversations, impress and influence others.  Orion Starseeds can be very funny as they have a great sense of humor. They are clever and good at joking around.  They love making a crowd laugh and cracking jokes about the world in which you live.

Andromedans Starseeds

Andromedan Starseeds derive from the Andromeda Galaxy (also known as Messier).  It is a spiral-shaped galaxy around 2.5 million light-years away.  The Andromeda Galaxy is so bright that it makes it visible to the naked eye from Earth on some nights. They live in higher dimensions, primarily up to the 12th.

The Andromedan Starseed mission is to help humanity evolve in their consciousness evolution journey.  Andromedans, just like many other Starseeds, heard the call to volunteer and come to Earth to help in this crucial period in your history.  They came to help restore peace and support the Planet with the shift to higher vibrations.  It’s a challenging mission as your Planet is ruled chiefly and enslaved by the Reptilian race (who are not Starseeds) race.  

Andromedans and Reptilians don’t get along well, as Andromedans are all about freedom.  Andromedans guide humans through their teaching or spiritual work. Their high intelligence also helps them excel in science projects.  The Andromedan Starseed activation usually occurs when Andromedans have done all the necessary healing work to activate the dormant parts of their DNA and embody more light energy.  The more they let go of past heavy baggage and negative beliefs about self, the more they can hold light and share it with others.  

The Andromedan Starseed energy is very beautiful, powerful, and kind as Andromedans vibrate at very high frequencies and can change other people’s lives just by being around them.  They radiate love and light everywhere they go. They can also assume many different human appearances and incarnate on other parts of the Planet. Andromedans often engage in activism for social change and against imperialism, classism, and racism.  They love to travel, and some will even choose a nomadic lifestyle. You will find them always planning their next getaway. Travel or roam is, for them, a method of spiritual expansion.

Andromedans Starseeds are Sumerians and resemble ArchAngels. They have an affinity for angels and are the rarest of the star seeds. They are a very loving, beautiful, and intelligent star race.  However, Andromedan Starseeds play an essential role on Earth. Their levels of energy can profoundly affect others with their presence.  Just by being here, Andromedan Starseeds open new galactic energetic pathways between galaxies. They are so powerful that they often fear it and are unsure of what to do with that internal strength.     

 Arcturus Starseeds

Starseeds derive from Arcturus, the brightest star in the constellation of Bootes. This constellation is over 35 million light-years from the solar system that encompasses planet Earth.  It can be seen just beyond the Big Dipper in the night sky.

Arcturian Starseeds are very advanced old souls dating back from many different planets, star systems, galaxies, dimensions, and parallel universes.  They possess deep knowledge that dates back hundreds of thousands of years.  They are fifth-dimensional beings often referred to as spiritual shamans and healers.

Arcturus is considered a very advanced civilization in our galaxy with fifth through ninth-dimensional societies. The Arcturians embody wisdom, knowledge, and teaching. They enjoy passing on their ability to others and help them ascend.  Much like other Starseeds, Arcturians have incarnated on the Planet with the intent of assisting with the transition to the New Earth and humanity’s ascension.  They fulfill their mission in many ways, such as sharing their knowledge and teaching others.

Arcturians are writers, artists, designers or use their abilities to create in some way. They are excellent planners and builders as they are very organized. They not only see beyond the present structures and systems, but they can also add an understanding of the frequencies inherent in the form. Therefore, they are great innovators.  They are also are super intelligent and like to ask deep, philosophical questions. 

These souls value knowledge and teaching above all else and believe that this is the best way to bring the Earth into higher alignment.  They feel from early childhood having an essential purpose in life, although they struggle with finding out what it is, like many other Starseeds.  Arcturian Starseeds are always thinking about the future and the evolution of humanity. They are fascinated by technological innovations and interested in building, designing, and planning the future on Earth.  Many Arcturians are involved in building sustainable energy solutions, new technologies, or developing new community living models.

NOTE:  Although many humans consider Reptilians as Starseeds, they are not; they do, however, assist with the Ascension of Humanity.

Channeled by Anthony Vallez and Erik Medhus Afterlife Spirits

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