Why You Fear Death

Channeled by Spirits Anthony Vallez and Erik Medhus and Medium Cindy Sheldon

From time to time, you may have wondered how you were born and whether there is something beyond death.

You celebrate birth as “coming into life” and mourn for the “dead” when one’s end of this life is also meant to be celebrated; in fact, life is an unending continuum. 

All Humanity Are Eternal Spiritual Beings, Meant to Live Eternally.

Let’s begin by first discussing Humanity’s Original Birth

The Big Bang!!!

In the beginning, there was a ‘Big Bang’


Immediately following the Big Bang, which was the start of your Universe, clouds immediately began to condense into huge balls of gas with relative emptiness between them. As they condensed, their cores became hotter and hotter, until they reached a temperature where the hydrogen molecules were split apart into atoms, and then squashed together until they fused into helium.

This Was the Beginning of the ‘Big Bang’

The Energy released by the Big Bang formed even heavier elements, which drifted across space until they fell into the gravity well of the second generation of stars. 

Every atom in the universe heavier than helium was made in a star. These first stars were enormous, then there was a mad rush of elements being formed, then these stars also went “Kaboom!!!”

This ‘Big Bang’ then released such massive energy all over, which in time, created an all-encompassing Universe.  The Earth was without form, void and dark. 

The very first soul which was born of all this massive energy was named; God!   God said, let there be light: and there was light.

 God divided the light from the darkness. And God called the light Day, and the darkness the called Night.

A small percentage of it formed the planet we call Earth, and a miniscule amount of that… went into forming you!

       Your Birth

Prior to birth, as you get the inkling to begin your next life’s journey or in some re-incarnation cases, you may be asked to come down to help with your service to humanity or to the earth.  (In this instance when asked to help with your service you always have the option to say yes or no). 

You begin by sitting down with your ‘Council’ which can also include your assigned guides and additional intelligent beings, such as Masters, Ancestors, old intelligent souls, and Guides.  You then discuss what you want to accomplish, which planet you wish to explore per your next re-incarnation journey, and how you want to go about it.  (Note: Masters are all- sort of all-encompassing… not of any particular planet).

Their part in this is to gently guide you.  They will share with you if you are taking on too much, they will advise you, but they will never tell you no.  They are there to help you plan your next re-birthing journey, they gently guide you per our goals and accomplishments.

You then select who you would like to become your parents, siblings, relatives, friends, etc. of importance in your life, part of your family or parts of which you hope will assist self in accomplishing your goals. (You also decide if you would rather have male or female essence at birth).  Your soul will then split at creation – boy or girl.  You decide!

Next, you will select the host, the mother, then you proceed getting the host pregnant.  Prior to birth, Baby soul is usually around the mother but not necessarily in the uterus. 

The ‘baby soul’ is simultaneously also learning information regarding their return home, as well as receiving a sort of download with information on how your re-birth will go and reviewing your contract and gathering information regarding the mother as well.

The baby soul then enters the chosen mother’s womb upon birth or immediately after birth.  Prior to the birth of the baby soul, a lot of the time you are with Souls within your soul group, that are assisting the baby soul to come through.

Sometimes you are called or selected to be on this Earth, to help humanity go through a certain time.  You are here to lend your energy and to help with these issues the best way you can.

When transitioning to your afterlife, you may be offered the choice to remain on the Earth Plane or to come home (home is your afterlife).

In many of these instances, you also assist without your knowledge, as you are assisting humanity simply with your presence on the planet.

Death is a Miracle

When transitioning to your afterlife, you may be offered the choice to remain on the Earth Plane or to come home (home is your afterlife).

The moment of death occurs when the ‘Silver Cord’ of life is disconnected.

All humans are connected to their souls by a silver cord (which is located in the back of their neck).  When this cord is disconnected, your current life is over, but the essential part of an individual’s identity, or their stream of consciousness continues to live after the death of their physical body.  You are Eternal!

The Pure White Light of Peace, Happiness and Joy

As you begin your journey, into your afterlife, you may see a bright, white light. This white light isn’t something to be afraid of. In fact, as your transition begins you will immediately feel a sense of peace, wonder and happiness as you’re your Soul and Spirit float through the white light.

The Moment of Death is a Compassionate, Peaceful Journey

Upon your transition home, you do a lot of your own self-preparation.  Many individuals crossing over, have the knowledge within their higher selves to assist them with crossing over. You also have the knowledge of your guides, who may come through to assist you as well.  Once you have traveled through the White Light, you are greeted by Family, Friends, Your Spirit Guides.

Next, your entire life flashes before you.  It happens extremely fast. You see your whole life!

You immediately feel every feeling you experienced during that lifetime, Joy, Pain, Love, you can also feel the feeling of others you interacted with during this lifetime.  If you hurt them, you will feel that pain, if you loved them, you would feel that love, if you made them mad, you would feel that anger, you also feel their happiness and so on.

Next, you go into sort of a council.  You begin by reviewing your contract, (sort of like visiting your psychiatrist) you discuss what you have accomplished per your contract, what did you not accomplish, did you complete your lifetime in the manner you had planned, etc. 

Remember, there is no judgement whatsoever, therefore judgement time is how you feel about yourself after reviewing your life on the Earth.

Then you decide what you want to do during your time in the afterlife.  You can go to school, you can go fishing, you can work with the animals (horses, pets, etc.) you can assist other humans on Earth, can socialize with family and friends, you can kick back and have some vacation time, you travel anywhere, including other planets, per a blink of an eye.  You are always around your ‘Soul Family’.

When you prepare your contract, prior to your re-birth, you can place several exit points in your contract if you feel you have un-finished business during that lifetime, you can continue to complete those souls unfinished work /contract, and not take a particular exit point.  Your Soul makes this decision for you.

You all have “Exit Points” along your journey. Your soul has the opportunity to opt out or to choose to remain. You are not usually aware of your personal exit points, yet some are more than obvious, like the near-fatal car accident, the life-threatening illness.

These opportunities (exit points) are presented to you so that you can view your present life path in new eyes, with more, love, appreciation and gratitude etc. This is an opportunity to begin something new on a new plane of existence or to return home. 

While the human will may wish to end their current life, as those who are depressed, in pain, or have extreme disabilities and wish life to end, the soul can endure a great deal before it releases the ‘Silver Cord’ of life.

Your Soul may also utilize an Exit Point to propel you into life-altering change. Because your soul knows you are ready for it.  Your soul released the old way of being and is now moving into a new state of being.

You are in a sense ‘Born Again’. Things that may have been of primary importance no longer matter or don’t matter to the same level of interest. You get to take the lessons already learned and move beyond where you are into a more enriched experience of life with a greater spiritual significance, as the measure of success or acceptance, have been stuck in a pattern from which you are ready to be released.

The soul has an agreement with self and knows the lessons it came here to learn. The soul also knows the lessons it came here to participate in teaching others. When the lessons are done, the soul is ready to move on.

One of your soul purposes is fulfilling its destiny, therefore the soul will override your personal preferences for life or death. The soul knows its truth and journeys into Love and Light whether it chooses to remain or chooses to cross over into the 5th realm.

Note: Remember there is no judgement from God – He does not Judge!  God’s Love is Pure and Loving; therefore God offers you Exit Points!

What is Soul Vs. Spirit

While ‘Soul and Spirit’ are words are often used interchangeably, the primary distinction between soul and spirit in life is that the soul is the animate life, the seat of the senses, mind, will, desires, affections, emotions, appetites, etc.

The spirit is that part of you which connects to God’s life force energy. Your spirit relates to God’s Universal Spirit.  So, basically the Soul creates the human,  the spirit is the light within.

The soul and the spirit are connected, but separable.  The soul is the essence of humanity’s being, it is who you are. The spirit is the immaterial part of humanity that connects and serves God.  The human soul is central to the personhood of a human being. You don’t have a soul. You are a Soul. Simply stated, the human soul is the part of a person that is not physical. It is the part of every human being that lasts eternally after the body experiences death.

Where is Your Soul Located?

Most humans believe that your soul is in your heart, but this is incorrect. Your soul is located in your right sole.  In some instances, if you right leg had been amputated, then the soul goes into your left sole.  If amputation is total, then your soul will travel to your heart.

You are all equal when you are born… You all experience the same Re-birthing journey, as well as the fact that you do not die, you simply transition onto your afterlife!

Now that you are aware of all the true facts of life and death, have no fears as you have planned this life yourself!

I Hope to see you in my next life…Mercy Montes

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